Heart of Winter 

Yoga, Meditation, and Seasonal Self-Care Mini Retreat

Offered in the yurt*: 

Saturday February 10th 10am-1pm $40


Sunday February 11th 3-6pm $40

In the depths of winter, we will gather to nourish the hearth of our hearts, honor the silence of winter, and cultivate our rooting systems before we arrive in the emergence and quickening of springtime. In Chinese Medicine the season of winter is reflected by the energy of our Kidneys, which house our deepest and most potent life force. The Kidneys hold our capacity for safety, willpower, longevity, and gentleness. This mini retreat will include asana, pranayama, meditation, as well as seasonal aromatherapy and self-care practices. Please bring your favorite tea mug, fuzzy socks, and a journal and pen the write/draw with.

Space is extremely limited, so you must RSVP to secure a spot. Address and additional information will be provided upon RSVP. To secure your spot or for questions, please email anjuligeorge@gmail.com .

*Thankfully, our yurt has heating, so unless the weather is extraordinary, we should be comfy and cozy out there!
**Because space is limited in the yurt, I have decided to offer this retreat at two separate times, so folks can choose a time that works best for their weekend schedule.


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