Resting in the Heart of the Divine Mother

A day of quiet healing in sacred silence in the Mother’s loving presence.

May 10, 2023 @ 10:00 am- 2:00 pm EDT

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Learning Circle

Ongoing monthly gathering to explore the intersection of constellation work, hands-on energy work, mystical spirituality, and ancestral healing work. 

Pre-requisites to joining or creating a group:

Experience and comfort with systemic constellations work

Reiki II level or equivalent experience with energy work

Regular meditative practice

Openness to exploration of ancestral work 


Previous Events

Body Constellation Evenings and Specialized Workshops

For those totally new or already familiar with Family Constellations work and looking to explore it’s intersection with the body. Together, tapping into our innate corporeal intelligence through gentle yoga, breathing, and meditation, and exploring the vast ancestral resources and connections we have inside. Rani and Anjuli begin with guided meditative and somatic practices and follow with family constellations and/or small group exercises.

Constellation Gatherings

Long term monthly gathering with facilitator colleagues. Offering constellations to the community as introduction to the work and a venue for ongoing exploration of this form of healing.

Reiki Level I, II, and III Trainings

Workshops for training students at the various levels of learning as well as ongoing Reiki shares for continued practice and collaboration. Offered privately and also as a consultant for volunteers with Montgomery Hospice and other corporate wellness settings.

All My Relations Constellations

Organized weekend workshops and 7-month facilitator trainings with Francesca Mason Boring on the east coast of the U.S. She is a bi-cultural international facilitator, teacher, and author who experiences constellation work as a transformational journey which honors the wisdom and joy that is part of our ancestral legacy.

Dreams of Writing

Organized a workshop for poets, essayists, prosaists and the aspiring taught by Suzi Tucker. She is a widely published author who worked for 15 years with Bert Hellinger on his books and other media. Offering strategies and insights for writing projects and utilizing constellations to uncover the writer’s personal influences.

Healing with the Earth on The Embody Lab – April 24,2022

Invited Presenter for 1-Day Summit

Indigenous Ancestral Reconnection