Rani’s Offerings

Family and Systemic Constellations

Private one-on-one work in person or on-line

Group facilitation

Ancestral Indigenous Reconnection

Guided process for reconnection with the indigenous ancestry of our lineages.

Guided process to be resourced by the land of our families of origin and/or the land we currently live on.

Private or group process, in person or on-line

Learning Circle

Monthly gathering for deeper learning.

Prerequisites: Reiki II or equivalent

Exposure and comfort with Constellations work

Regular spiritual practice

Reiki Training

Reiki I and II level group training

Reiki III training tailored individually

End of Life Companioning

Spiritual and energetic presence for the 11th hour process.

Hands-on Healing and Spiritual Companioning

Providing compassionate attention to your spiritual process and healing needs. Tailored individually.

Anjuli’s Offerings (coming soon)

The Yurt

See our space of sharing and healing

I have crossed an ocean

I have lost my tongue

From the root of the old one

A new one has sprung

Grace Nichols