Following in my mother’s footsteps, I’ve learned how to stop following too many footsteps! I was blessed to be born into an incredible family. The fact that my mother and I are working together to offer healing to people in their families is only possible because great healing has first passed through our own family.

Since the first time I ever partook in Family Constellations work, I remember thinking “Wow, I hope this is something I never get over.” And I really haven’t. I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved with constellations work for the past six years and and now a facilitator of this work, having just completed 7 months of training with Francesca Mason Boring . Our training covered traditional constellations work as well as applications in Organization and Nature Constellations.
Yoga Headshot_AG Asana Prayer Anjuli
I am fascinated with the intersection of Constellations work and Yoga, and how they both place a tremendous amount of respect on the innate intelligence within our bodies. Our monthly Wednesday Yoga Constellations gathering is where we have decided to explore and share how one pours in to the other.
I completed a 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2013, and have led practices in a studio setting for the past three years. The styles of yoga I have studied and shared range from classical styles of Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Bhakti Yoga. I am devoted to practicing, sharing and learning Yoga that honors it’s cultural and spiritual origins. 
For the past couple of years, I have been studying the Katonah Yoga Method, which is a most brilliant synthesis of  Daoist and classical Yogic thought. Founder, Nevine Michaan and all the magical teachers at Katonah Yoga bring these ancient and simple natural laws to life with exquisite attention, rigorous repetition, and intelligent pattern. I will continue to gently incorporate what I’m learning into my teaching, knowing that actually learning this methodology could take lifetimes. See more here: About Katonah Yoga
I am also a Reiki II practitioner and incorporate Reiki and various healing modalities in many of my offerings.
I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. My degree is in Entrepreneurship and Management. I have led several corporate meditation courses  and company retreats in the DMV area, and would be happy to work with you in designing wellness solutions for you and your business.
I am currently working towards a Master’s of Acupuncture at Maryland University of Integrative Health (formerly Tai Sophia). I am always looking to layer and synthesize healing paradigms, and often find organic exchanges between these modalities and more. Look for my clinical acupuncture offerings in 2017/2018… :)